Enjoy Our Services at Home 餐飲服務

Want to enjoy your party with enticing and exquisite food in the comfort of your own home? We can deliver our services to you!

Why choose us?
1. Top Quality
2. Affordable
3. Trained Waiters

Customize Your Own Menu

We would definitely take pride in helping you customize a menu that would best suit your party's needs. Please give us a call and let us know! Thank you.


Give us a call and let us know!

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To help us understand better your needs, please provide us with the following information:

1. Event Type & Event Date
2. No. of Attendees
3. Ideal Food Cuisine

Package Inclusions

- Tiffany Tables & Chairs
- Round / Square Tables
- Uniformed Waiters
- Matching Table Cloths, Table Ribbons,Table Napkins
- Dining Plates, Dessert Plates, Drinking Glass
- Serving Utensils, Dining Utensils
- Chafing Dish
- Motif Color

Best of all, Choose your own motif color!



Xiao Long Bao 小籠湯包
Hakaw 蝦餃
Shrimp Siomai 鮮蝦燒賣
Pork Siomai 豬潤燒賣
Chicken Feet 豉汁蒸鳳爪
Taosi Spareribs 豉汁蒸排骨
Spicy Wonton 紅油抄手
Japanese Siomai 日式燒賣
Jumbo Siopao 大包
Kuchay Dumplings 韭菜餃子
Bean Curd Roll 豆皮肉卷
Asado Siopao 叉燒包
Raddish Cake 蘿蔔糕

SOUP 羹湯類

Seafood Spinach Soup 翡翠海鮮羹
Chicken & Corn Soup 栗米雞肉羹
Crab & Corn Soup 栗米蟹肉羹
Hot & Sour Soup 酸辣湯 265
Clam Soup 薑絲蛤蜊湯 255
Chicken Asparagus Soup 雞片蘆筍湯
Seafood Beancurd Soup 豆腐海鮮湯
Fish Lip Soup 三絲魚唇羹
Fish Maw Soup 魚漂湯


Hot Custard Chicken Salad 彩果蛋奶雞沙律
Hot Shrimp Salad 彩果鮮蝦沙律
Hot Chicken & Shrimp Salad 彩果雞蝦沙律
Seafood Salad Roll 海鮮卷


Plain Congee 白粥
Fish Fillet Congee 生滾魚片粥
Assorted Seafood Congee
Sliced Beef Congee 滑蛋牛肉粥
Century Egg Lean Meat Congee 瘦肉皮蛋粥
Pork Halo Halo Congee 豬肝瘦肉粥
Sliced Chicken Congee 薑汁雞肉粥
Chef Meatballs Congee 生滾肉丸粥


Richman's Fried Rice 富人炒飯
Yang Chow Fried Rice 揚州炒飯
Salted Fish Fried Rice 鹹魚炒飯
Fookien Fried Rice 福建炒飯
Shanghai Fried Rice 上海炒飯
Vegetable Fried Rice 蔬菜炒飯
Garlic Rice 蒜蓉炒飯
Plain Rice 白飯


Chop Suey 炒雜菜
Lohanchay 羅漢齋
Polonchay w/ Garlic 蒜茸炒菠菜
Eggplant w/ Minced Pork番茄煮肉碎
Stir-Fried Beans w. Minced Pork 乾煸四季豆
Taiwan Pechay w/ Oyster Sauce 蠔油炒青江菜
3 Kinds Vegetables 三色菜小炒


Cold Cuts Combination 鴻運拼盤
Century Egg 皮蛋
Jellyfish 海蜇皮
Pork Asado 叉燒
White Chicken 白切雞
Soyed Chicken 豆油雞
Roast Duck 烤鴨


Mapo Tofu 麻婆豆腐
Salt & Pepper Tofu 椒鹽豆腐
Seafood Beancurd in Pot 海鮮豆腐煲
Kung Pao Beancurd 宮保豆腐


Curry Laksa Noodles 咖喱喇沙
Beef Noodles 牛肉麵
Shrimp Wonton Noodles 鮮蝦餛飩麵
Shrimp Dumpling Noodles 鮮蝦水餃麵
Asado Noodles 叉燒麵


Seafood Hofan 海鮮河粉
Birthday Noodles 長壽撈麵
Pancit Canton 廣東撈麵
Seafood Chami 海鮮炒麵
Birthday Misua 長壽麵線
Seafood Canton 海鮮撈麵
Seafood Fried Noodles 海鮮乾撈麵
Beef Hofan 牛肉河粉
Misua Guisado 香炒麵線

BEEF 牛肉類

Beef with Broccoli 西蘭花炒牛肉
Sizzling Beef Chinese Style 中式牛柳
Beef Brisket in Pot 牛腩煲
Beef with Asparagus 蘆筍炒牛肉
Taosi Beef Ampalaya 涼瓜炒牛肉

PORK 豬肉類

Salt & Pepper Spareribs 椒鹽排骨
Meaty Kikiam 五香肉卷
Sweet & Sour Pork 糖醋瘦肉
Braised Pig Knuckle w/Special Sauce 萬巒豬腳
Taiwan Pork Chop 台式炸豬排
King Do Spareribs 京都排骨


Steamed Lapu Lapu 清蒸石斑魚
Steamed King Fish 清蒸紅珠魚
Steamed Suahe 白灼蝦
Steamed Garlic Crab 蒜茸蒸蟹肉
Salted Egg Crab 黃金鹹蛋蟹肉
Crab Sotanghon 粉絲蟹肉煲


Mushroom Sea Cucumber w/Lettuce 香菇燜海參
Salt & Pepper Squid 椒鹽花枝
Taosi Chili Clams 豆豉辣椒炒花蛤
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet 糖醋魚片
Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic 蒜茸清蒸魚片
Steamed Fish Fillet with Taosi 豆汁清蒸魚片
Steamed Fish with Taoso 豆酥清蒸魚片
Fish Fillet w/ Japanese Beancurd 豆腐魚片煲
Salted Egg Fried Suahe 香酥黃金鹹蛋蝦
Salted Egg Shrimp 黃金鹹蛋蝦仁
Steamed Garlic Prawns 蒜茸清蒸明蝦
Salted Egg Prawns 黃金鹹蛋明蝦
Shrimp Egg Foo Yong 鮮蝦芙蓉蛋
Crab Egg Foo Yong 蟹肉芙蓉蛋


Buko Pandan 椰青凍
Almond Jelly w/ Black Gulaman 涼粉杏仁豆腐
Almond Jelly w/ Lychee 荔枝杏仁豆腐
Black Gulaman w/ Fruit Cocktail 什果涼粉
Buchi 芝麻團
Mango Sago 黃芒西米露
Mango Tapioca 芒果奶油乳酪
Leche Flan 蛋布丁
Mixed Fruits 鮮果拼盤

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