Hakaw 蝦餃

A Dimsum meal is not complete without the Hakaw Shrimp Dumpling. These bite-size dumplings are made of fresh shrimp and neatly wrapped in a very thin layer of glutinuous rice flour. Unlike other restaurants, we use fresh shrimp for our Hakaw. No.1 Bestseller!

Xiao Long Pao 小籠包

The uniqueness of the Xiao Long Pao is its delicate craftsmanship of the dumpling skin, which contains steaming soup broth in its dumpling pocket. Definitely worth the try, and definitely worth coming back for! No.1 Bestseller!

Braised Chicken Feet 鳳爪

Soft and tender juicy meat and skin, this delicacy is filled with our special Gloria Maris marinade. This dish is also known as Phoenix Claws. It may intimidating at the start, but is definitely makes is one of the top five bestsellers in our Dimsum menu.


Birds Eye Dumpling

A mixture of different kinds of seafood and steamed to perfection.

Crystal Ball Dumpling

Seafood Salad Roll 海鮮沙拉捲

Taro Puff 芋角

Hong-kong Style Machang 糯米雞


Steamed Buns

Jumbo Bola Pao 大包

Asado Pao 叉燒包

Mini Asado Pao 迷你叉燒包

Bite-size steamed buns filled with shredded pork asado.

Chocolate Steamed Buns 巧克力饅頭

Lotus Pao 蓮蓉包

Mongo Pao 紅豆饅頭

Steamed Buns 饅頭


Dumplings and Siomai

Kuchay Dumpling 韭菜餃

G.M. Siomai 海鮮燒賣

Chinese Donut 油條

Beancurd Roll 鮮竹卷

This special delicacy originates from Hong-Kong is smooth and sweet. It is made with flavourful filling of ground pork, mushrooms, and soybean flavour, and tightly wrapped in fresh beancurd skin.

Ham Sui Gok 咸水餃

Tausi Spareribs 豉汁排骨

Radish Cake 蘿蔔糕

Turnip Cake

Spring Rolls

Vegetable Spring Rolls 春捲( 素 )

Chicken-Vege Spring Rolls 春捲( 雞蔬 )



Buchi 芝麻球

Crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside. These red bean sesame seed balls are made from glutinous rice flour, and coated with sesame seeds.

Sweet Taro Sago 香芋西米露

Mango Pudding 芒果布甸

New Items

Steam and Fried Dimsum Php 550 Pesos Only

Steam and Fried Dimsum For Only P 550 Pesos Only

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